Big Atlantic Classic Schedule Released

The schedule for 2014 Big Atlantic Classic has been released.  The Classic, played January 27-February 1 at the Beckley Raleigh County Convention Center, features some of the top teams from across the state and a national game featuring Arlington County Day (FL) and Oak Hill Academy (VA).  There are brackets for middle school boys and girls, two girls’ brackets, separate A and AA boys’ brackets, and two boys’ AAA brackets.  Below is the complete schedule.

Monday, January 27

12:00 PM   Independence vs. Shady Spring                                      Girls MS

1:15 PM     Bluefield vs. Beckley-Stratton                                           Boys MS

2:30 PM     Eastern Greenbrier vs. Fayetteville                                  Girls MS

5:45 PM     Eastern Greenbrier vs. Park                                             Boys MS

7:25 PM     Bluefield vs. Westside                                                       AA Boys

9:00 PM     Sherman vs. Greater Beckley                                           A Boys

Tuesday, January 28

2:00 PM     Loser Indy/Shady vs. Loser EGMS/Fayetteville         Girls MS Consolation

3:15 PM     Loser Bluefield/Stratton vs. Loser EGMS/Park                  Boys MS

4:30 PM     Winner Bluefield/Stratton vs. Independence                      Boys MS

5:45 PM     Winner EGMS/Park vs. Shady Spring                               Boys MS

7:25 PM     Wyoming East vs. Mount View                                          AA Boys

9:00 PM     Buffalo vs. Fayetteville                                                      A Boys

Wednesday January 29

12:00 PM   Loser Bluefield/Strattonr/Indy vs.Loser EGMS/Park/Shady    Boys MS Consolation

1:15 PM     Winner Indy/Shady vs. Winner EGMS/Fayetteville            Girls MS Championship

2:30 PM     Winner Bfield/Stratton/Indy vs. Winner EGMS/Park/Shady  Boys MS Championship

3:45 PM     Loser Sherman/GBC vs. Loser Buffalo/Fayetteville                  A Boys Consolation

5:30 PM     Loser Bluefield/Westside vs. Loser Wyoming East/Mt. View     AA Boys Consolation

7:20 PM     Oak Hill Academy vs. Arlington County Day                              Boys National

9:00 PM     Winner GBC/Sherman vs. Winner Buffalo/Fayetteville              A Boys Championship

Thursday, January 30

4:00 PM     University vs. George Washington                                              Girls

5:45 PM     Parkersburg South vs. Westside                                                Girls

7:25 PM     Greenbrier East vs. Shady Spring                                              Girls

9:00 PM      Hedgesville vs. St. Albans                                                          Girls

Friday, January 31

2:00 PM      Loser University/GW vs. Loser Hedgesville/St. Albans           Girls Consolation

4:00 PM      Capital vs. Lewis County                                                         AAA Boys

5:40 PM      Hurricane vs. Parkersburg South                                            AAA Boys

7:20 PM      Greenbrier East vs. Preston                                                   AAA Boys

9:00 PM      Woodrow Wilson vs. University                                                AAA Boys

Saturday, February 1

9:00 AM      Loser Gbr East/Shady vs. Loser Park So/Westside             Girls Consolation

10:40 AM    Loser Woodrow/University vs. Loser Hurricane/Park So.     AAA Boys Consolation

12:20 PM    Loser Gbr East/Preston vs. Loser Capital/Lewis                  AAA Boys Consolation

2:00 PM     Winner Bluefield/Westside vs. Winner WE/Mt. View        AA Boys Championship

4:00 PM     Winner University/GW vs. Winner Hedgesville/St. Albans       Girls Championship

5:40 PM     Winner Gbr East/Shady vs. Winner Park So/Westside           Girls Championship

7:20 PM     Winner Woodrow/Univ vs. Winner Hurricane/Park So       AAA Boys Championship

9:00 PM     Winner Gbr East/Preston vs. Winner Capital/Lewis          AAA Boys Championship